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Ballroom dancing on the dance of human body posture requirements are very strict, not only requires the chest and abdomen,shoulders straight,but also for the neck and spine in a straight line as far as possible.t25 workout Since most of us figure usually are in a loose state,so when just beginning to practice may feel very tired, not to, but if you insist on a period of time,will feel refreshed, this is a lot of contact with ballroom dancing people. t25 calendar We have that kind of feeling,is entirely due to the spine and cervical spine were forcibly straightened, the past people tend to think that the headache is the head of the nerves and blood vessels out of the question, t25 meal plan but never pay attention to before cervical vertebra and spine should play a role,often in patients with headache medicine, as doctors, and headache are still headache.t25 nutrition guide Alzheimer's disease and Blzheimer's disease,is a serious disease of the nervous system,patients will gradually appear memory function,the function of language and the sensory function decline,the majority of patients after few years will also due to brain failure and death.t25 video China about Alzheimer's patients 5000000 people,accounts for the world cases 1/4,and every year there are about 300000 elderly people joined the ranks,Alzheimer's,if not timely prevention and treatment,the consequences are terrible. Since this disease is a worldwide problem,there is no effective drug treatment,therefore,prevention is very important.Ballroom dancing is a kind of group dance in a pair of men and women as the core, t25 free download not only with a tacit understanding with a partner,also must remember lots of tedious steps,to challenge the brain "movement",but also because of the ballroom of soft light,beautiful environment,as people in this environment,with wonderful music rise and dance in a happy mood, people's high degree of pleasure is self-evident.Effective way to prevent Alzheimer's disease is "actively with the brain,rest","take part in collective activities","optimistic mood","being beautiful environment","how to communicate with others,"ballroom dancing is in full compliance with these requirements.